I teach in-person group Persian Fusion Dance classes at dance studios in the San Francisco Bay Area.
In addition, I offer virtual and private classes. All classes are ongoing and drop-in students are welcome.
Classes are Monday through Thursday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

A dance odyssey with Persian Belly Dance Fusion

A seamless blend of Egyptian and Persian styles, where fluid movements, foundational techniques, and cultural poetry converge in a welcoming space for all skill levels.

A Blend of Egyptian and Persian Elegance

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Persian Belly Dance Fusion, a unique amalgamation of the fluidity of Egyptian Style Belly Dance and the graceful movement inspired by Persian Dances.

Exploring Belly Dance Techniques

From the subtle undulations of the hips to the intricate movements of the torso, discover the secrets of belly dance that add depth and allure to your performance.

Crafting A Complete Dance Experience

Dive into technique and combinations that challenge and inspire, and conclude the session with a rejuvenating stretching routine. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded dance experience, nurturing both body and spirit.

Posture And Isolations

Dive into the fundamentals of posture and isolations, crucial elements that form the backbone of this fusion dance style. Learn how to carry yourself with elegance, mastering the art of isolating different parts of your body with precision.

Suitable For All Skill Levels

Embrace a supportive and inclusive learning environment where beginners are celebrated, and experienced dancers find new layers to their artistry. Wear comfortable, fitted clothing and embark on a journey where the joy of dance knows no boundaries.

Persian Belly Dance Fusion

Afshaneh Dance
Class begins with a quick warm-up, followed by technique and combinations, and ends with stretching.
My Classes
Classes are suitable for all ability levels and students with no experience are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing, preferably fitted to the body, and no shoes.


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